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I've been fooling around with classic cars for 50 years - gosh am I that old?  I have a weakness for Jaguars - there is no satisfactory treatment for the affliction. 
I established the Historicar Bookshop in 1985 and was once involved in VGL -Historicar, insurance for classic cars. 

Geoff Bott
Using "Garfield" the yellow E-type, "Felix", a Jaguar XJ-SC and "Arnold", a 1995 Nisssan R33 GTR, I am still competing in tarmac rallies and touring.
Various video and written reports will pop up in the Blog, Targa and the Guides.  Dip in and check them out.
You may even want to contribute your own story?
Some items may entertain, some may educate and some may just not cut it with you.
As the site develops, I hope that you will find it helpful in your travels and give you an idea of what others may be up to.
Contact me if you think an event or car you have may be worth reporting on or photographing.  I look forward to hearing from you.
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